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Tuesday, October 14, 2008 - Marbella - added by Steve

We are currently in Marbella in Southern Spain, and will be heading for Algeciras later today to catch the ferry to Morocco either this afternoon or tomorrow morning at the latest.

Our Spanish no is +34 637 105 122, so if you want to call please do! :-) I think the Spanish number will stop working as soon as we hit Morocco though, so best you do it now! (although maybe it will work for a while longer since we'll be landing in Cueta, a Spanish enclave on Moroccan side of the Med)

Thank you for all the texts and emails wishing us luck and expressing various shades of green envy etc - much appreciated!

We've had a great time so far, but have had a fair number of minor problems with Songololo which we've been trying to sort out before we leave Europe for deepest darkest Africa! The biggest priority was clearly to get the sound system working - which I'm happy to report has been achieved and we now bounce along the Spanish highways with thumping bass! Thank you Seamus for our speakers and amp - they are muy bien! We also finally have hot water, and I had my first hot shower in Songololo this morning - what luxury!

Unfortunately, since we've been spending most of our free time trying to get Songololo ready, we haven't had time to write a blog entry of any length, but I promise the next one will be much better, as we are pretty much done sorting her out now, so will have time to spend on other important things like keeping friends and family updated as to our whereabouts, ensuring you're jealous and joining us vicariously on our travels.

Alex, congrats on your new arrival! Thorks and Cailey, happy birthday to both of you, sorry we couldn't join you guys to celebrate. 

Take care all of you, and next time we update you we should be on the African continent! (Bloody hope so anyway!)


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Glad to hear everything going fairly well to plan. Be careful with your hearing those vehicle aren't built with soundproofing so most small towns will hear you coming before they see you if your sound system is louder than the engine you site on.
Phil H - 14 Oct 2008, 12:38
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Hi there Fanie & Roxy Great to hear from you and thanks a mil for the short email. Hot as hell here in Joburg - we are waiting for rain. Hope it comes soon or the water bill will go through teh roof!! Happy travels and lots of love from us The Fosils
Ze Fossils - 14 Oct 2008, 20:28
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Thank you for your text Steve - great to hear from you! Travel safely and keep us updated with your news.
Cails - 24 Oct 2008, 19:12
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Hi Steve / Roxy. Hope you are well and having a good time. All the best for your future travels and be safe and have a great new year.
Paul H. Pride of the fleet Ltd - 9 Jan 2009, 18:22
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Hi Steve / Roxy If there is anything else that you think we can send out to you that maybe of any help now that you are underway on your travels let me know and I will see if we can ship it out to you. Take care.
Paul H. Pride of the fleet Ltd - 9 Jan 2009, 18:24
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Hello Roxy and Steve. Thanks for the wonderfull time we spent in Vilanculos together. We still laught and remember how we nearly entered and destroyed the little douw of the shark poachers with our battle ship douw. Okay sail destroyed and nearly we get them under water...but mirical they did make it. Great video....Save trip to Rhodesia. Ulli and Laslo
Ulli and Laslo - 14 Jul 2009, 15:59

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