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Amazing antiquities, terrible hassle
The friendliest people in Africa?
Crazy mountain passes and incredible historic sites in the highlands of Ethiopia.
the rough and remote route into Ethiopia
Return to the jungles of central Africa
A country of vast contrasts, beautiful beaches, sweeping savannah, high mountains and a plethora of people.
The warm heart of Africa
A beautiful country which has seen some very hard times lately
Beautiful beaches, beautiful beaches and beautiful beaches
The 2nd leg of our journey begins in incredible Mozambique
Looking back at where we've come from and what we've done
A country of great contrasts, stunning wild bush, endless desert, raging waterfalls and above all, the most friendly people
There's nothing that a bit of glue and a rubber band can't fix!
When visas aren't visas, but in Africa there's always a way...
Bashing our heads against the Angolan bureaucratic wall repeatedly...
Venturing deeper into Africa's wilds...
We make it to the southern hemisphere!
The worst road in Africa, and jungle, jungle, jungle!
The most corrupt country in the world, but we rather liked it!
Paradise beaches and towering waterfalls
The Malian Sahel and all it's fascinating culuture
Languishing in Gambia
Bad roads, corrupt officials and beautiful countryside
Sand, camels, sand, the Sahara Desert and sand
Marrakech, the desert and the Western Sahara
Rumblin' and trundlin' down the coast of Morocco
The start of our journey
Our first blog entry - written in Marbella, Southern Spain just before we leave Europe and hit Africa either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.
We attempt to learn some of the skills required to bash our way down Africa's roughest roads!