After much deliberation about which unit would be best for the kind of trip we want to undertake, I finally settled on the Garmin 60CSX for number of reasons:

  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver gives you improved satellite reception even in heavy tree cover or deep canyons
  • Barometric altimeter provides extremely accurate elevation data
  • Electronic compass can determine your heading and direction, even when you're standing still
  • IPX7 waterproof case can withstand an accidental dunk in the water and still perform
  • Large, colour TFT display makes viewing the screen easy, day or night
  • Built-in autoroute basemap, including major roads, exits and tide data, gives you automatic, turn-by-turn directions
Garmin 60CSX


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    Have you considered loading the T4A GPS maps onto your Garmin GPS, if not check out (I am not affiliated, it just looks like a usefull product for this kind of trip).
    Mark Couzyn - 29 Sep 2008, 9:18
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    Thanks Mark. We have indeed. I would also recommend taking a look at the Wanderlust maps, available here:
    Steve - 29 Sep 2008, 11:42
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    Hi Mark We are Randall and Maureen Munro. Randall is a cousin of your Dad and we were at lunch together and he was saying that he couldn't find your diary on his website and I gave him a tip as to how to get it. I haven't spoken to him yet but will phone him just now and ask him if he managed to get it. We live down the South Coast as well. Good luck
    Randall and Maureen Munro - 5 Jul 2009, 12:18

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