Our truck came with 6 Goodyear G188 Unisteel tyres.

The G188 is a heavy-duty on/off-road drive-axle tyre. The deep cut-resistant tread provides long tread-life and good traction under most conditions. The heavy-duty steel radial construction makes the G188 exceptionally resistant to cuts and punctures, which makes it well suited to a lot of the terrain we will encounter.

Being radial tyres they have a softer sidewall than cross-ply tyres, making them better suited to driving in sand and mud when you want to drop your tyre pressure and maximise your ground contact surface-area.

They are tubed tyres, which is also useful for sand and mud driving, as the low pressure required for driving through these terrains will often be insufficient to keep the bead of a tubeless tyre on the rim.

Some people advocate tubeless, arguing that with tubed tyres running  at low pressure, the rim will often rotate without the tube, causing the valve stem to break away from the tube resulting in a flat. However, the pressure required for this to happen is about 8 psi (+/- 0.5 bar). At 8 psi your tubeless tyre's bead will have broken long ago.

9 times out of 10, the pressure we'll be looking for when driving through sand and mud will be in the 16-18 psi range (+/-1.1 bar). At this pressure we won't have the problem of the rim rotating without the tube, so should be all good. 

For a really comprehensive article on tyres, look here.


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